Preschool Ministry

Our Purpose

To help each child:
-Associate God, Jesus, and the Bible with happy feelings.
-Make progess in solving problems, sharing, and expressing himself.
-Know that the Bible is THE SPECIAL BOOK that tells about God and Jesus.
-Think of church as my church – the happy place.
-Think of home as a place of love and security.
-Begin thinking of others and adjusting to their interests.
These objectives and concepts are taught through the use of activity areas: art, blocks, books, pictures, home-living, music, natural world (nature), and puzzles.


We welcome your child to the Preschool Department at Denman Avenue Baptist Church. The Preschool teachers express a sincere desire to help you and your family have happy Christian experiences through the many opportunities offered here at Denman. It is a privilege for us to work with you in the vitally important matter of your child’s physical, mental and spiritual development. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call on us at (936) 634-6691.

Parent/Child Dedication

The first Sunday of May is always an exciting day as we dedicate infants and children to the Lord. This special service is open to anyone and arrangements to participate can be made through the church office.